Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has been used for hundreds of years in the US and abroad for its strength and aesthetic quality. Today it has grown tremendously in popularity due to its long life; versatility; range of style and color; and its beauty in many cases. When coated in reflective surface materials it is extremely energy efficient absorbing very little heat compared to other roofing materials.

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Commercial and Residential Metal Roofing

Today’s metal roofing is used for residential and commercial jobs. It is available in steel, aluminum, tin and copper and in a wide range of styles and finishes. In fact it can mimic the look of other materials, such as ceramic tile or even wood. Drive down any street in Texas and look at the orange pipe roofs. Try to pick out the one made of steel. It is very difficult. The products are that good!

We install every type of metal roofing. Here are some characteristics:

  • Steel roofing is strong, durable, and lightweight. Generally it is coated with another metal like zinc or more often a zinc and steel coating. It is relatively light in weight. Because of its strength and resistance to hurricane-force winds it has become popular in the south. Steel can be finished in a great variety of colors. It is energy efficient due to low heat absorption.
  • Aluminum is exceptionally lightweight yet still very strong. Because of its natural resistance to rust and corrosion, it is a natural choice for coastal areas. Like steel it can be finished a variety of ways. Because it is 100 percent recyclable and energy efficient, when coated with a reflective finish it gets an “A” from environmentalists.
  • Tin roofs are in demand again, and were very popular around the turn of the 20th century. Travel into an historic district and you are bound to see one still “on guard” 100 years later. Modern tin is really steel coated with tin in most cases. Tin bonds well to steel making it impervious to corrosion.
  • Copper has also been used on buildings for hundreds of years. Copper is strong, long lasting and beautiful. Beginning its life as shiny as a new penny and gradually turning from brown to verdigris over a few years, it is lightweight and malleable it can easily be shaped. It will have lasting beauty for at least a century.

Metal roofing is extremely versatile, fire proof, strong and energy efficient. It is wind and hail resistant and it has excellent water proofing characteristics, especially when installed by a professional using the proper material beneath. Although it can cost more than asphalt shingles, its benefits far outweigh the difference in price. It is soon to be the material of choice for new construction and restoration.

Metal roofing was found by the Florida Solar Energy Center to save the most energy because of its high reflectance and its quick nighttime cooling down. Because aluminum and steel are sustainable they are considered green products. One homeowner was able to cut his cooling bill in Florida by 23 percent.

The trend toward metal roofing continues to be driven by architects and builders that are more concerned today with sustainability and efficiency. Our company is positioned to be the Texas leader in the installation of this exceptional group of products.

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