Roof Leak Repair

roof leak is an intrusion of water that enters through the surface, or from around an edge where it meets an exterior wall. Once water is noticeable indoors, it has probably been an issue for a while – but has gone unnoticed or ignored. Not all problems show up on the ceiling. It depends on the path of least resistance taken by the water. Sometimes they can actually show up in the basement. If you have a problem, or suspect one, don’t delay.

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Commercial and Residential Roof Repair

We will separate the subject of a roof leak into two categories; commercial and residential.

A residential water intrusion is usually noticed right away and causes more immediate concern because it invades a person’s home and is seen as a threat to property and comfort. No one wants to live with a drip bucket.

A house roof leak is generally caused by storm damage; a material that is beyond it life expectancy and is beginning to fail; or a situation called “ice damming” where ice blocks the gutter and runoff has no conduit. It backs up under the edge of the roof and appears inside usually at the top of an interior wall. This is more of a problem in the North but it does happen in Texas after ice storms.

A commercial roof leak is very often more severe. Commercial buildings have to shed a lot more water and the surface is generally flat. These problems very crop up on really heavy rain days. Are your employees placing waste baskets or buckets around with hope that the wound might heal by the next torrential downpour? It won’t.

By the time the water is entering a room below it has probably saturated ceiling tiles, traveled through the ceiling to light fixtures and fire alarm equipment. The next downpour comes everyone thinks it just went away. It just went to another office in the building, or to another corner of the warehouse. By now there has been serious damage to the ceiling, the wiring, and the structure above.

An annual inspection for a roof leak by our professionals will find potential trouble spots and prevent costly repairs in the future. We will perform a tune up in which we inspect and seal areas of potential leakage. Our tune up includes:

  • Putting down all pop up nail heads.
  • Re-sealing intrusions like vent pipes and ducts.
  • Identifying places of standing water and removing them.
  • Removing accumulated leaves and debris that can cause premature deterioration.
  • Freeing up leaders, gutters and scuppers.
  • Identifying any existing leaks and writing an estimate for their repair.

This simple roof leak prevention tune up can save you a great deal of aggravation and expense in the future.

Our company has been a leader in preventative maintenance for over 20 years. We would rather stop a problem from happening now than have you face a larger one in the future. We treat our customers with their best interests in mind, just as your medical professional who wants to keep you well rather than treat you when you are sick. We want to keep your building dry now rather than being called by your bucket brigade when they run out of waste baskets and your computer equipment room gets flooded.

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