Exterior Siding

New exterior siding on your home or office is a great way to increase value and enhance curb appeal. Whether you want to upgrade the style of your house, or you are looking to sell in a few years, or you just want to look good to customers, siding is an outstanding and cost-effective exterior choice. For a one time investment, you can enjoy years and years of little to no maintenance when compared to re-painting stucco or replacing wood shake exteriors that have fallen prey to rot or insects.

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Adding or replacing exterior siding to your home or building will not be a harrowing and stressful experience. By hiring a TBAR – a full service contractor – you can sit back and let us do the work and then enjoy your beautiful final product. There are many choices available to for your new installation:

  1. Vinyl
  2. Foam-backed vinyl
  3. Fiber cement
  4. Metal

Vinyl – Traditional vinyl exterior siding is made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), which is a great and affordable exterior choice. Vinyl is available in numerous grades and is very durable when it comes to resisting dents and absorbing energy from things hitting it. Vinyl is very easy to maintain and comes already colored, so there is no need to repaint the surfaces at a later date. The color selection is very diverse and you are sure to be able to find the hue you desire. Vinyl is also manufactured in panels that are made to resemble other materials such as wood shakes or cedar shingles, without the vulnerability to rot.

Foam-backed vinyl – Foam backed vinyl is a stellar exterior siding choice if you are concerned with superior insulation and energy conservation. Foam is attached to the back of each panel, allowing it to lay flatter against an exterior surface for a more solid look. This choice can reduce your energy costs significantly by providing a high level of insulation to the interior. Since less heat can get inside in the hot temperatures, and less heat can get out in cold temperatures, you will see a drastic drop in your gas and electric bill year round.

Fiber cement – Fiber cement is an exterior siding choice that is composed of sand and cement manufactured with cellulose fibers. The result of this mixture is an extremely durable product that is not vulnerable to dry-rot and pest infestation, and is also resistant to force. These choices are mainly made to mimic authentic wood and can come already painted or you can order them primed to take your chosen color. The one huge advantage of fiber cement is that it is completely fireproof and resistant to heat and combustion.

Metal – Steel or aluminum is a great exterior siding choice for business owners with industrial buildings, and it is still popular in residential applications as well. It comes in several seamless choices to give a bit of a cleaner look to the building. Metal siding is also fireproof and can add a level of safety for employees and/or family members. Another benefit of going with a steel choice is that steel is recyclable and utilizing its material can help in your efforts to go “green”.

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