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Fast Free Aerial Roofing Quotes: We know many of our neighbors were denied a new roof from your insurance company or are completely unaware that you have unseen damage. Have you ever asked yourself why most of the homes on your block have new roofs and you don’t? Adjusters do not look for hidden damage that most homes currently have due to Hurricane Ike and most roofers don’t know how to effectively evaluate and the argue damage with an adjuster or carrier. TBAR Roofing is often called upon to provide expert testimony from homeowner’s attorneys in cases against insurance companies or unscrupulous roofing companies. In addition, our team is happy to help with any roof repairs or gutter services you may require. You can reach out to us at 281-940-7557 for free estimates in League City, TX. Or you can fill out the contact form below!

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TBAR Roofing‘s success rate in arguing for a new roof is above 90%. It doesn’t matter what that other roofer or adjuster said. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Call for a free damage assessment. In most cases, we can have an answer within 7 calendar days or less. Call our Houston office at 281-940-7557 to schedule an appointment.


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We are always here to help you. If you would like free estimates in League City, TX, please reach out to us at 281-940-7557 or complete the form below to send us an email.