Gutter Installation

Our gutter installation is superior because we pay extra attention to detail. At TBAR, we ensure that when you need any type of exterior work, you will be able to depend on our crews to be expert, non-disruptive and to clean up after ourselves. We raise the “BAR” on replacement and renovation.

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Proper gutter installation can save you money and will protect the foundation and structure of your home or office. We are able to correct many issues that may not have been handled correctly when somebody else installed the system you have now. Here are the benefits of having us do the job right the first time:

  1. No standing water on parts of the property
  2. No leaking joints or sections
  3. No property erosion
  4. No detached fasteners

No standing water on property – Our expert gutter installation will prevent pools of water that can cause long-term issues on parts of the property. These pools, if not dealt with, can cause issues with the foundation of your home or office. If your system is failing in a way that causes you to have to trudge through a huge puddle of water anywhere on your property, it is time to call us. Standing water can be a result of your previous gutters being installed at an improper angle to cause water to run off away from the building as opposed to towards it.

No leaking joints – ever! Gutter installation will provide a solution for leaky joints in your system. Over time, different sections can pull away from each other and allow water to escape onto your lawn and property. If you your previous system was made of aluminum, you may also have had some rust issues that have eaten away the metal at portions in between joints, causing similar problems. We make sure that all joints and fittings are properly configured, so these issues will not occur in the future.

No property erosion – Proper gutter installation will protect the property surrounding your home or office building from future erosion issues. Leaks and improper pitch can cause the terrain on your property to change over time. Flowing water erodes dirt, sand, grass and rocks to create hollowed out sections on the property that can cause potential injury to customers entering an office, or to your family members walking on your lawn. Not to mention how unsightly it is! Our installation crew will take extra care to guarantee that your new system will put an end to these issues.

No detached fasteners – Our expert gutter installation not only includes the actual sections of the drainage system, but it also focuses on replacement of all of the hangers and fastenings that keep the system in place. Over time, the breakdown of the metal on these fasteners can cause sections and pieces of your system to hang down lower than should be and can also cause them to pull away from the building, posing a potential hazard to people walking around the building. These fasteners can also start to pull out of the roofing material due to rot and other deterioration of roofing materials. When your installation is complete, we guarantee you will no longer be faced with these issues.

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We provide gutter installation in Houston, Clear Lake Area, Friendswood, Katy, Sugar Land, Galveston, Woodlands, and the entire Greater Houston Area.

We also provide gutter installation in Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, Irving, and the entire Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.