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Replacement Windows

Installing replacement windows on your home or office can make a huge difference in the appearance and also help you financially, because you can conserve energy. We have been handling window installations for over 20 years and we have what it takes to raise the "BAR" on your renovations.

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Decisions on replacement windows can be broken down into a few choices: style, frame and type of glass. When you call for your free estimate, we will help you make the best decision for your budget as well as your personal preferences.

Replacement windows come in quite a few styles, including:

  • Double hung - Two sections that overlap and slide up and down
  • Single hung - Only one section is movable
  • Casement - Swing in and out like the motion of a door
  • Awning - Similar to casement, except it opens horizontally
  • Bay -Three or more sections that protrude out from the building at different angles
  • Fixed - Cannot open, just a pane of glass to allow sunlight
  • Stained glass - Used mainly for decoration with many pieces of colored glass that show a design or picture

The frame material of your replacement windows is another important choice:

  • Aluminum - This is a great choice due to its lightweight material and durability. Frames can be made to very thin and create a minimalist look. Aluminum frames are easy to clean and do not need much in the way of maintenance.
  • Fiberglass - Fiberglass choices are extremely durable and suitable for all weather conditions. They allow no moisture into the building and are also incredibly strong. A huge advantage of fiberglass frames is that they provide superior insulation which helps with energy conservation.
  • Vinyl - Vinyl frames can also provide superior insulation to help with energy costs. An added benefit is that vinyl frames to not need to be painted or primed because is built right into the frame itself. Vinyl is also very resistant to dents and scratching.
  • Wood - Wood frames offer elegance and style that can add character to your home or business. Wood is also great at insulating from cold temperatures. Wood-clad windows are now popular that combine the interior beauty of a wood frame, while the exterior frame is made of vinyl or other materials.

The glass you choose for your replacement windows is also an essential decision:

  • Double-pane - Double-pane glass is an affordable option if you want an even better insulation choice than regular single-pane glass. These choices provide significant energy conservation, as well as noise reduction ability as well.
  • Triple-pane - Triple-pane glass are the best windows you can purchase. They generally have the best resistance to thermal heat loss, and even more ability to seal out sounds from outside. The spaces between the three layers of glass are usually filled with non-toxic gases that lower heating and cooling costs.

As you can see there are various factors that are to be considered for replacement windows. At TBAR, we pride ourselves on providing the best in services and products. We have won many awards that attest to our honesty and quality and we look forward to starting on your new project as soon as possible.

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